Statement of Client Rights

ABHS shall ensure that:

  1. I am admitted to treatment without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability, except for bona fide program criteria.
  2. I have reasonable accommodations in the event of sensory or physical disability, limited ability to communicate, limited English proficiency, and cultural differences.
  3. I will be informed in an understandable manner of my rights, treatment methods, and rules applicable to my proposed treatment plan.
  4. I receive a copy of my rights on or before admission.
  5. I am informed of use of emergency interventions such as restraint and/or seclusion, the use of special treatment interventions restriction of right and parameters of confidentiality.
  6. I, or my personal representatives, am allowed to review my files in the presence of the administrator or designee in accordance with chapter 70.02 RCW.
  7. I have the opportunity to have clinical contact with a same gender counselor, if requested and determined appropriate by the supervisor, either at the agency or by referral.
  8. I am treated in a manner that respects each resident’s individual identity, human dignity and fosters constructive self-esteem by ensuring that:
    1. I am free of abuse, including being deprived of food, clothes or other basic necessities;
    2. I am free of restraint and/or seclusion, except as provided in WAC 337-110;
    3. I can participate or abstain from social and religious activities;
    4. I can participate in planning my own health care and treatment that considers my own medical and/or mental health advance directives;
    5. I can refuse to perform services for the benefit of the residential treatment facility unless agreed to by the resident, as part of the individual health care plan and in accordance with applicable law;
    6. I am fully informed of the cost of treatment including the fact that there is a fee for copying records to verify treatment and I am informed of methods of payment available;
    7. I am informed in writing in this Statement of Clients Right of the department contact information, including telephone number and mailing address, which is:
      Department of Health/Office of Investigations
      P.O. Box 47874
      Olympia, WA 98504-7874
      Complaint Hotline (toll free number): 1-800-633-6828
    8. I am informed that I may file a complaint with the department regarding the residential treatment facility’s noncompliance with any part of this chapter on client rights, without interference, discrimination or reprisal. I may choose whether to notify the residential treatment facility of the complaint;
    9. I am living in a healthy, safe, clean and comfortable environment;
    10. I am protected from invasion of privacy — provided that reasonable means may be used to detect or prevent items that may be harmful or injurious to the resident or others from being possessed or used on the premises.
  9. I have confidentiality of treatment and personal information protected when communicating with individuals not associated or listed in my individual treatment plan or confidentiality disclosure form in accordance with State and Federal confidentiality regulations.
  10. I am informed that outside persons or organizations, which provide services to ABHS, are required by written agreement to protect patient confidentiality. While I am with this agency, my confidentiality will be protected at all times. A staff person will explain the confidentiality regulations and rules is full.
  11. ABHS shall obtain my consent for each release of information to any person or entity. This Consent for Release of Information shall include the following:
    1. Name of the consenting patient;
    2. Name or designation of the provider authorized to make this disclosure;
    3. Name of the person or organization to who the information is to be released;
    4. Nature of the person or organization to who the information is to be released;
    5. Specification of the date or event on which the consent expires;
    6. Statement that the consent can be revoked at any time, except that action has been taken in reliance on it;
    7. The signature of the patient, or authorized representative, when required, and the date, and
    8. A statement prohibiting further disclosure unless expressly permitted by the written consent of the person to who it pertains.
  12. I am allowed necessary communications: (i) between a minor and custodial parent or legal guardian; (ii) with an attorney; and (iii) in an emergency situation.
  13. ABHS shall comply with reporting requirements of suspected incidents of child or adult abuse and neglect in accordance with chapters 26.44 and 74.34 RCW.
  14. ABHS shall account for my assets, including personal property and money if I choose to deposit any money with the financial manager according to clearly described procedures for such deposits.
  15. ABHS shall assist me, upon request in sending written communications of the fact of my commitment in the residential treatment facility to friends, relatives, or other persons.
  16. I am protected from abuse by staff at all times, or from other clients who are on agency premises, including but not limited to: (i) sexual abuse or harassment; (ii) sexual or financial exploitation; and (iii) racism or racial harassment; (iv) physical abuse or punishment.
  17. I am fully informed and receive a copy of counselor disclosure requirements described under RCW 18.19.060.
  18. I receive a copy of ABHS Client Grievance Procedure upon request. If at any time I feel my rights have been violated, I may file a grievance with the Administrator of the program. All grievances will be responded to in a rapid and fair manner.
  19. I am notified in the event of agency closure or treatment service cancellation. In addition, in such event, I have a right to: (i) be given thirty (30) days notice; (ii) assisted with relocation; (iii) given refunds to which I am entitled; and (iv) advised how to access records to which I am entitled.
  20. If I am an ADATSA recipient, I have the additional rights to:
    1. Report back to the Department’s Community Service Office in case of my disciplinary discharge from the program; and
    2. Request a fair hearing to challenge any department action, which affects my eligibility for ADATSA treatment or shelter assistance.
  21. ABHS Administrator shall ensure a copy of these rights is given to me when I am admitted and in case of disciplinary discharge.
  22. ABHS Administrator will post a copy of my rights in a conspicuous place in the facility accessible to both patients and staff.