New Client Information

Welcome to ABHS, 

Once the Care Team has inventoried your belongings, assigned you to your room and has had you sign your preliminary paperwork, you will be introduced to a “Shadow.” This individual is a Recovery House Client and will give you a tour of the facility and introduce you to staff. If you arrived in the evening or during the day, it is understood that it might take a day or two to meet all of the staff. If you have questions that your shadow is unable to answer, please write them down so when you meet with your Counselor for your Intake/Assessment, they will be able to assist you.

Included in this website are the following informational pages:

  1. New Client Information Cover Page (this page)
  2. Notice of HIPAA Privacy Policy
  3. Statement of Client Rights
  4. ABHS Rules and Regulations
  5. HIV Risk Chain
  6. Medical Information
  7. Daily Schedule
  8. Laundry Schedule
  9. Permissible and Non-Permissible Items List
  10. Facility Map for Emergency Exits
  11. Visitation List and Rules of Visitation (if applicable)
  12. PREA Information

An ABHS Care Team staff member will review this information with you. If you have any questions now or at any time, please feel free to ask.

Included in the New Client Information is a visitor list. If applicable, it is important you fill this out and give it to your counselor. Only individuals on this list will be allowed at visitation.

Care Team will:

  1. Review document 2 through 5 WITH client.
  2. Have client initial Acknowledgement Form AS CLIENT IS GIVEN documents 2 through 5 listed above.
  3. Keep the completed Acknowledgement Form for distribution to the assessment counselor.
  4. Finish by reviewing items 7 through 11 with the client.